The more I washed my face the more it broke out.  I was a teenager and had just made fun of my sister because of her acne.  And so what did the karma Gods curse me with?  Even worse acne!  I washed and washed and then I washed some more thinking that I had to get rid of this oil.  I used a harsh toner and an even harsher chemical on the zits themselves And guess what?  I broke out even more.  It wasn’t until my brother, in a sign of disgust and apathy, stopped washing his face that we learned that washing our faces was doing us more harm than good.  The best natural soap for acne is one made of all natural ingredients.  That or you are literally better off not washing your face at all.

Now I’m not saying that we should quit washing and stop all personal hygiene.  But if you are going to burn your face and rob it of its natural oils than you are better off without soap.  In my teenage years, I believe it was the fact that we were just using some garbage Proctor and Gamble soap that was robbing our face of its natural oils.  It probably had Parabens, Sulfates, Triclosan and other artificial ingredients in the soap. If you are in the market for a natural soap for acne make sure you steer of Parabens, Sulfates, and Triclosan.  You’re better off using the rocks in your front yard.

The usual advice from dermatologists for acne products is to use products that say clarifying.  I’m not even sure what that means.  It sounds like a marketing term.  I know that if you have sensitive skin you want something gentle and moisturizing.  For most people I really do believe that over washing can be a big part of their problem.  Our skin is robbed of its natural moisture and overcompensates by producing more.  So our faces are either too dry, which causes acne.  Or our skin is too oily, which causes acne.

The solution, at least if you are going to keep washing is to use a natural soap for acne.  There are many on the market today. The Romans would just oil and scrapers to clean and I think that would be preferable to many of the harsh soaps you can find at your local Walmart.  There are some that even recommend the oil cleansing method now.

My recommendation would be to buy a natural bar of soap.  And by that I mean a soap that is made from oil, water, lye, and essential oils.  Coloring is fine as well but it needs to also be natural. It certainly isn’t the cheapest option but it will be the best natural soap for acne.  It will pay dividends in the years to come as well when your skin is still healthy and elastic.  You’ll be the youngest looking person at all your class reunions.