Learning to make soap is a rewarding and fun activity.  Not only is it fun to do but afterwards you are left with a fantastic product that you get to enjoy multiple times a day!  But just like a lot of things in life there is a little bit of a set up and cost involved.  To start making soap you will need the following soap making equipment.

Soap Making Equipment 1

Electronic Scale – You need to have your lye and oils measured just right.  If you are off even a few grams it can throw the whole batch off.

Soap Making Equipment 2

Thick Rubber Gloves – Lye is no joke.  It will eat through your skin if you get any on you.  It’s best to wear gloves for protection.  Actually you should probably wear safety goggles and a surgeon mask just in case.

Soap Making Equipment 3

Jars – When I say jars it is only because that is what we use.  We mix our lye in water and let it sit outside for a bit.  This works for us.  A bucket would also work.

Soap Making Equipment 4

Pot – You do need something to heat your oils up in and mix in the lye.  We have a special burner that we use under our pots but some people just use their stove top and that works just fine.

Soap Making Equipment 7

Hand Mixer – There is a lot of mixing that needs to be done.  And not many people can do it by hand.  You’ll need a cheap hand mixer.

Soap Making Equipment 5

Soap Molds – Once the lye, color, fragrance, and oils are all mixed in your pot you need somewhere to pour the soap.  You need a soap mold for this purpose.  These are normally rubber sleeves set in a wooden box (for support).

Soap Making Equipment 6

Soap Cutter – This can be a simple hand held cutter or one of the more expensive cutters (usually made with wire) but you’ll need something to cut your slab into bars with.  Forget about this step if your molds are already split up into individual bars.

Of course you’ll need Soap Making Ingredients but this should just about cover the soap making equipment.